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Brendon Murless - Blurring the boundaries between traditional techniques and contemporary artwork, I specialise in creating unique sculptures and plasterwork for both indoor and outdoor settings, using a variety of materials and techniques. Over the years I have secured a wide variety of commissions from private clients, local garden centres and the National Trust. For each commission I happily work to plans or offer my own ideas, as suits the project and client. Based in Bridport, I grew up with a love of the rural landscape of Dorset. While working for a traditional building and restoration company, I developed my passion and knowledge of sculpture and historic builds. My recent work takes inspiration from the human form and looking at what makes us human physically and emotionally. ‘I always wanted to pursue an artistic career. From childhood I had my own little projects to work on. Everyone in the family was artistic, so I just bounced off what the others were drawing or making. I used whatever I could get my hands on: clay, wire, wood. I carved fish and candlestick holders; I drew pictures of wildlife and flowers. My parents and grandparents have an interesting array of ornaments as a result. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but just knew I liked the art side of things, so I tried a bit of everything. I stayed on at Weymouth College and did a Higher National Diploma in 3D Design. This involved more model-making in the commercial sense. The course made me realise I could use a massive range of materials to make any type of sculpture. Whilst doing the course, I worked two days a week for my brothers’ landscape gardening business, Little Fones. I was sculpting the land in gardens, which made me realise I could use plants and natural materials – the soil – to make sculptures. I am now taking this further and creating colourful and imaginative living sculptures. I’ve just started work on a very large project, creating a sculpture of a figure. The face and arms are made with a bit of cement and sand to prevent them washing away, and the main part is made with plants and soil, so they can grow and hold it together. This sculpture is used as a promotion for my work, and can be seen in the village of Uploders, Dorset. I’ve also been making lots more natural garden sculptures at home – goblins, figures and fairies.’


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