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Philip Hearsey was born in Hampshire, England in 1946. He studied at Camberwell School of Art in the late 1960's. Much of Philip Hearsey career has been spent working as an architectural, interior and furniture designer. From this he has developed an enduring interest in working with wood and metal in all forms and the making of highly individual sculpture pieces. He started to concentrate on design in 1975 but never quite lost touch with the practical aspects and Hearsey has always maintained a workshop where he could experiment as a sculptor with materials and and fittings. These days Philip Hearsey continues to be involved in major design projects, but spends much of his time on hands-on work creating individual furniture pieces and small-scale contemporary sculpture, including an ongoing exploration of the vessel form, cast in solid bronze. Creating bronze sculptures involves many procedures, from making original patterns in plaster, wood, or fibreglass; refining rough castings, cutting, piercing and carving; occasionally welding, polishing and patinating. These are techniques that Philip Hearsey has taught himself; experimented with and practiced intensively over the last twenty years. Philip Hearsey contemporary sculptures are influenced by the urban environment. He is also powerfully driven and inspired by natural forms and the British landscape - and most notably the immensely strong sense of place where he lives and works, which is on the edge of England where it is interwoven and blurred with the Welsh borders. Speaking about his contemporary sculptures Philip Hearsey says: 'I have a passion for British hardwoods combined with hand-forged iron and steel, but bronze in particular. My approach to the design, the choice and the combination of the materials used and the evidence of the hand all ensure that each piece has a strong individual character and presence. This is in sharp contrast to the smooth look characteristic of mass-produced production line items. Each of my sculpture pieces is individual; it is never possible to completely replicate an art work. Every piece has a unique and individual character, reflected in its composition and reflecting the source of its being.' Philip Hearsey collection of independent bronze bowls and vessels has arisen from an interest in sand-casting. These are deliberately simple and are principally focused around the manipulation of circles and spherical segments and utilise both polished and patinated surface finishes. Keybowls originated from a practical and functional need but provide a special framework for non-functional, sculptural, abstract and personal expression with the opportunity to pursue the use of materials in a less formally organised manner. Many employ the use of sand-cast bronze parts. Philip Hearsey is a sculptor who exhibits his art works widely. His contemporary sculptures are held in many corporate and private art collections in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and Greece.


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