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Nicola Hyslop has been a professional artist for over 12 years selling to private collectors and businesses worldwide. Working with both end client as well as interior designers, Nicola has created artwork for homes, commercial spaces, restaurants to name but a few. Working to both a specific remit as well as having the freedom to create bespoke pieces is what Nicola loves. Her pieces evoke emotional reactions defining the feel and mood of a space. Her diverse style has the ability to work in all areas which Nicola thrives on as 'each day is different'.

"My pieces are all unique and referenced through different emotions. Each picture has a story to tell. However, I believe it's not for me to tell rather for you to create. I express my thoughts and feelings through each colour and brush stroke. You could say my work has a sense of confusion but I like to say organised chaos. Isn't that what life is? Stand and stare for a moment and it can be whatever you decide," says Nicola. 

Her style is diverse, featuring both neutral and bold colours, and varies depending on the feeling and mood. Nicola's latest Abstract collection 'Movement' is described by viewers as "Passionate, energetic, vibrant and intriguing".



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